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Review - A&ultima SP1000

A&ultima SP1000

Astell&Kern launch the A&ultima SP1000 - Portable Digital Audio Player
T he Astell&Kern A&ultima SP1000 is their new top of the range portable digital audio player or DAP capable of Hi-Res Audio playback. In the A&ultima SP1000, Astell&Kern are for the first time using an octa-core CPU for best response times and performance, and a High Definition HD5 display to create the best viewing experience. There’s also an innovative new multi-function volume wheel and choice of stainless steel or copper housing and two independent AK4497EQ DACs for the left and right audio channels to provide a wider soundstage and better stereo channel separation.

Review - Astell&Kern PEM14 AK-CD Ripper

Astell&Kern PEM14 AK-CD Ripper

Astell&Kern Launch The PEM14 AK-CD Ripper
T he £299 Astell&Kern PEM14 AK-CD Ripper has slipped under the radar a bit as its been available on amazon since January 2015. The AK CD Ripper uses trickle down technology from the much more expensive AK500N such as the 'Perfect Extractor' and the error correction. The AK CD-RIPPER easily rips CDs to your Astell&Kern music player with only a single touch of a button. The user can set the ripping speed (normal / fast / very fast) and file format (WAV / FLAC) through the settings menu.

Review - Astell&Kern AK380 Amp

Astell&Kern AK380 Amp

Astell&Kern Launch The AK380 Amp
T he Astell&Kern AK380 Amp at £499 currently, is a booster for the Astell&Kern AK380 that when partnered together allows the pairing to drive high impedance headphones. Sufficient gain to drive just about any headphones such as Abyss or the difficult to drive HiFiMan HE1000s as one reviewer put it.

Review - Astell&Kern AK300

Astell&Kern AK300

Astell&Kern Reveal The AK300 - Portable Digital Music Player
T he Astell&Kern AK300 - Portable Digital Music Player is a new model in the Astell&Kern - Portable Player range that sits above the Astell&Kern Ak Jr but below the Astell&Kern Ak 320. Astell&Kern have a comparison chart on their web site (first link below) that compares the features of the Astell&Kern AK300 vs AK320 and even Astell&Kern's top of the range model the Astell&Kern AK380. Key features for the Astell&Kern AK300 are :-

Review - Astell&Kern - Siren Series

Astell&Kern - Siren Series

Astell&Kern Launch The Siren Series Of In-Ear Monitors
T he Astell&Kern Siren Series is a four model strong range of In-Ear Monitor Headphones (or IEMs). The four IEMS are all named after women, not the legendary Sirens that lured sailors to their deaths but four women from famous Pop songs namely - Rosie, Angie, Layla and Roxanne. These IEMs don't come cheap, as they incorporate multiple drivers for bass / treble etc. in the tiny confines of an IEM ear piece. So the four Siren models and prices are Rosie II - £799, Angie II - £1,099, Roxanne II - £1,599.00, and Layla II - £2,299.00.

Review - Astell & Kern AK T8iE

Astell & Kern AK T8iE

Astell & Kern Launch The AK T8iE - In-Ear Headphones
T he Astell & Kern AK T8iE is an In-Ear headphone developed for Astell&Kern by Beyerdynamic. As such it uses Beyerdynamics Tesla magnet driver technology.

Review - Astell&Kern AKT1

Astell&Kern AKT1

Astell&Kern Launch The AKT1 - Complete HiFi System
T he $3,700 Astell&Kern AKT1 is a new all-in-one Hi-Res Audio system that includes speakers, amplification and the Hi-Res Audio decoding all in one unit.

Review - Astell&Kern AK Jr

Astell&Kern AK Jr

Astell&Kern Launch The Astell&Kern AK Jr - Portable Music Player
T he £399 Astell&Kern AK Jr is a portable music player that is capable of Hi-Res Audio playback. The Hi-Res Audio playback covers PCM up to 24 bit/192 kHz and DSD via conversion back to PCM. The AK Jr can even function as an external USB DAC and be connected to a MAC or Windows PC.

Review - Astell&Kern AK500N

Astell&Kern AK500N

Astell&Kern reveal the Astell&Kern AK500N - Streamer and CD ripper
A stell&Kern have revealed their first non portable digital audio player (or DAP) the Astell&Kern AK500N. The Astell&Kern AK500N is similar to the Naim UnitiServe SSD in that it can rip CDs to an internal 1TB SSD drive, then either serve the files up on the network to other network audio players, or play them itself into a HiFi system acting as a streamer.


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