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Review - iFi Audio Ear Buddy

iFi Audio Ear Buddy

iFi Audio launch the Ear Buddy
I Fi Audio have launched the ‘Ear Buddy’, a low-cost, plug-in headphone optimiser that attenuates the output signal of your headphone socket to better suit headphones with high sensitivity, thus countering the negative effect of digital volume controls (which virtually all of today’s handheld devices contain). It increases useable volume range (allowing for finer adjustment), lowers background noise and improves dynamic range. It is particularly effective with good quality in-ear headphones, noise cancelling headphones and in-flight entertainment systems.

Review - Blue Horizon PRS Rack

Blue Horizon PRS Rack

Unique and Elegant Professional Rack System from Blue Horizon
B lue Horizon has launched a Professional Rack System (PRS), this unique modular rack system uses an uncompromising selection of materials; multi-grain-direction and a bespoke triple layer bamboo laminate, with grain running in opposing directions, with the central lamination running vertically this creates a chaotic structure that stops standing waves within the shelf and controls resonance granting any audio equipment the best platform for performance.

Review - PSW Series PSW505 12" Powered Subwoofer

PSW Series PSW505 12" Powered Subwoofer

Polk launch the PSW Series PSW505 12" Powered Subwoofer at just $179.99
H ave a big room? Have the need for big, life-like bass impact? Then the PSW505 is the subwoofer for you. More than a mere brute, the PSW505 is equally at home reproducing all the subtle nuance of a plucked string bass as it is belting out a rocker's roar. Full-featured and over-powered, the PSW505 will rock your world and tick off your neighbors.

Review - Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter

Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter

Bose Launch The SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter
T he Bose SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter at £129.95 transforms your stereo or home cinema into a wireless system. You can then stream music services like Spotify, Deezer and more, your stored music and Internet radio using your home Wi-Fi or favourite Bluetooth device.

Review - Furutech SK-Filter

Furutech SK-Filter

Furutech Launch The SK-Filter - A Vinyl Static Remover
T he Furutech SK-Filter (£350) is pictured left - turntable arm and cartridge not included ! The SK-Filter is the brush and supporting mechanism that positions the brush just above the rotating vinyl. Static in the vinyl then discharges into the atmosphere via the brush.

Review - Q Acoustics 3020

Q Acoustics 3020

Q Acoustics launch the 3020 speakers
T he Q Acoustics 3020 speakers, yours for £188 currently on Amazon are a two way stand mounted speaker and the bigger brother of the 3010 from Q Acoustics's 3000 speaker series. The 3020 as the model above the 3010 has a larger cabinet and bass driver.

Review - Black Series

Black Series

Roksan launches new blak series
R oksan have created a new hifi line, the Blak series, that is handmade in the UK and at a specialised facility in Germany. The range includes a CD player and integrated amplifier. The price is £2.5k for the CD player and £2.75k for the amplifier.

Review - Meridian Ultra DAC

Meridian Ultra DAC

Meridian Launch The Ultra DAC
A s the name suggests the Meridian Ultra Digital to Analogue Converter is a statement DAC from Meridian. 20 years in the making it incorporates Meridian's best knowledge of digital to analogue conversion, including dual Mono DAC cards, DSP filter options, up sampling and apodizing. Apodizing is a mathematical correction to add back information lost from a recording due to the use of brick wall digital filters. Needless to say the Ultra DAC can decode MQA computer audio and to our knowledge, a first from Meridian with DSD decoding also possible. Retail price is £15,000 or $23,000 in the U.S.

Review - Ion Audio - Plunge IPX7 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Ion Audio - Plunge IPX7 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Ion Audio Launch The Plunge IPX7 - Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
T he Ion Audio Plunge IPX7 is for those who don't listen in a dedicated listening room, but outdoors and are prepared to see their HiFi get wet if necessary, don't think you can take it swimming with you !

Review - Sonus Faber Principia - Speaker Range

Sonus Faber Principia - Speaker Range

Sonus Faber Reveal The Principia - Speaker Range
T he Sonos Faber Principia speaker range is a new entry level speaker range from Sonos Faber which includes 5 speakers all pictured. The five speakers are two vented two-way bookshelf models, the Principia 1 and Principia 3. There's then a vented two-way floor standing model - the Principia 5 and a three-way floor standing model the Principia 7. Finally there's the Principia C a sealed two-way centre-channel speaker with a passive radiator. Sonos Faber comment on the trickle down technology employed in Principia taken from the Chameleon speaker range with :-

Review - Pro-Ject VC-S

Pro-Ject VC-S

Pro-Ject Launch The VC-S Record Cleaner
L ooks a bit like a turntable (a lack of a cartridge might perhaps give it away) but the picture shows Pro-Ject first record cleaner - the Pro-Ject VC-S Record Cleaner. The first record cleaner for Pro-Ject and the first record cleaner on HiFi Enthusiast !

Review - iFi Audio iPurifier 2.0

iFi Audio iPurifier 2.0

iFi Audio Launch The iPurifier 2.0 - A USB DAC Signal Purifier
I Fi Audio’s iPurifier 2.0 comes in at £90 so a slight price rise for an improvement on the existing iPurifier. The iPurifier 2.0 even offers a variety of USB outputs, if you want to include one before your Chord Hugo just chose the micro USB output option. As well as the variable USB output options - The iPurifier 2.0 however goes further into cleaning up a USB signal before the signal enters a USB DAC than the original iPurifier. The improvements can be summarised as :-.

Review - AudioQuest Jitterbug

AudioQuest Jitterbug

AudioQuest Reveal The Jitterbug - A USB Noise Reducer
T he AudioQuest Jitterbug hasn't been officially released yet ( This is happening later this month at the 2015 Munich High end HiFi Show ) but the AudioQuest Jitterbug is going to cost $50 and is a means of cleaning up the noise emitted from a laptop's USB output so keeping this noise out of your downstream Computer Audio components (typically your USB DAC).

Review - Pro-Ject Speed Box DS Strobo

Pro-Ject Speed Box DS Strobo

Pro-Ject launch the Speed Box DS Strobo
T he £199 Pro-Ject Speed Box DS Strobo is a power supply for Pro-Ject turntables and other manufacturer’s turntables that can be used to alter the speed of a turntable from 33 1/3 rpm to 45 rpm and even 78 rpm by changing the power supply to the turntable. As the name suggests it comes equipped with a calibrating stroboscopic light and fine adjustment buttons on the Pro-Ject Speed Box DS Strobo itself, allowing you to match your mains supply and turntable to exactly the correct and stable turntable speed.

Review - Icon audio BA3 Buffer Amp

Icon audio BA3 Buffer Amp

Icon Audio launch the BA3 Buffer Amplifier
T he £600 Icon Audio BA3 buffer amplifier is an all valve, triode, Class A buffer stage that can add a valve “warmness” to a harsh transistor based HiFi System.

Review - X3


FiiO takes the X3 further with new firmware
C hinese manufacturer FiiO's cheap (£160) high definition portable player has just got a lot better thanks to its recent firmware upgrade.

Review - Peachtree BT1 - Bluetooth receiver

Peachtree BT1 - Bluetooth receiver

Peachtree launch the Peachtree BT1 - Bluetooth Receiver
T he $99 Peachtree BT1 is a simple and great sounding solution to stream music from your phone or tablet to your stereo or home theatre system. Compatible with most Bluetooth devices including iOS and Android phones and tablets - you can enjoy all of your favourite apps like Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM and TuneIn Radio wirelessly on your HiFi.

Review - Dynaudio Xeo Extender and Link

Dynaudio Xeo Extender and Link

Dynaudio reveal the Xeo Extender and Link
T he Dynaudio Xeo Extender is designed to extend the transmission distance between the Xeo Hub and the Xeo loudspeakers.

Review - Nordost System Set-Up & Tuning Disc

Nordost System Set-Up & Tuning Disc

Nordost Reintroduce the Nordost System Set-Up & Tuning Disc
N ordost is reintroducing the System Set-Up & Tuning Disc. The Nordost System Set-Up & Tuning Disc is a CD containing everything that you need to get a system sounding at its best – and keep it that way.

Review - Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support

Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support

Ruark Launch the Lightning Adaptor Support
T he £7.99 Ruark Lightning Adaptor Support sits between a 30 pin apple lightning adaptor and a Ruark iPod / iPhone dock , such as those on the Ruark R2i and Ruark R4i models.

Review - Chord Company Silent Mounts

Chord Company Silent Mounts

Chord Company launch Silent Mounts - HiFi isolation feet
T he Chord Company has launched a new range of high-quality, Japanese-made isolation devices called Silent Mount. The devices, which come in packs of four, can be used with a wide range of spike-equipped audio products, including floorstanding speakers, speaker stands and equipment racks.

Review - iFi iPurifier

iFi iPurifier

IFi Audio complete their laptop to USB DAC "Trinity" with the iPurifier
V ery seasonal this Christmas time of year, the completion of a Trinity. For iFi Audio it's the iFi Audio iPurifier completing the trinity of:-

Review - iFi iPurifier

iFi iPurifier

iFi Launch the iPurifier - USB signal purifier for computer audio
T he USB transmission standard was not designed for high-quality audio: audio/power/ground are all 'lumped into one' cable for printers, hard-disk drives and the like. In the pursuit of the highest-quality of USB audio playback, this is akin to placing dedicated audio interconnects and high-current power cables together, which is clearly far from ideal !

Review - ifi iTube

ifi iTube

iFi Launch the iTube valve buffer stage
R emember the Musical Fidelity X10 D a one box valve buffer stage that sat between CD player and amplification with just a simple red on light at the front.

Review - Bel Canto uLink

Bel Canto uLink

Bel Canto launch the uLink USB to SPDIF converter
A new USB to SPDIF converter from Bel Canto. This converter has it's own power supply and can handle 24 bit 192 khz files.

Review - Dragontail


Audioquest launch the Dragontail for the Dragonfly DAC
W ant to use the Audioquest Dragonfly DAC with your laptop but it won't fit into your USB slot as another USB Input doesn't leave you enough space to insert the Dragonfly ?

Review - Chord iPhone control app for the DSX1000

Chord iPhone control app for the DSX1000

Chord iPhone app for the DSX1000 now available
C hord Electronics announce that the DSX1000 streamer app for the iPhone is now available from the iTunes store.Called Chord for iPhone, this latest offering from Chord Electronics enables owners of a wide range of iOS devices to control the DSX and interact with their music collection using an impressive and easy-to-use interface.


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