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Review - ATC SCM50SE


ATC Launch The SCM50SE Speakers
T he ATC SCM50SE - A Large three way floor stander is a special edition of the ATC SCM50 and is the first of a three model "Special Edition" range that includes the ATC SCM50SE , ATC SCM100SE and ATC SCM150SE. As is the recent custom with ATC, the speakers are available in two versions, passive or active. The active versions include ATC top of the range 3 way amplifier offering for the SCM50SE 200 Watts for the Low Frequency driver, 100 Watts for the Mid and 50 Watts for the High Frequency driver.

Review - ATC SCM40A


ATC launch the ATC SCM40A speaker an active SCM40
T he ATC SCM40A is an active version of the floor standing ATC SSM40 speaker (guess the A at the end gives it away ). The right speaker in the picture shows the cooling fins for the amplification. The amplification is MOSFET based offering 235 Watts in class AB mode across all three speaker drive units.

Review - ATC SCM20 speaker range

ATC SCM20 speaker range

ATC announce two new speaker models the SCM20ASL Pro and SCM20PSL Pro
T he difference between these two models is that one is active, the other passive :-

Review - ATC SCM7


ATC launch the ATC SCM 7 MK III speakers
T he £799 ATC SCM 7 MK III, two way speaker is the third generation of the ATC SCM 7 and features a bespoke ATC designed and built tweeter, updated bass/mid drivers and crossovers and stylishly curved cabinets. Finishes are cherry and black ash.

The features of the ATC SCM 7 MK III speaker are :-

Review - ATC SIACD Integrated Amplifier / CD / USB DAC

ATC SIACD Integrated Amplifier / CD / USB DAC

ATC SIADC Integrated amp / CD player and USB DAC
A TC are more renowned for their speakers but also make electronics. A pre/power combination of theirs made it into What Hi-Fis list of the best available amplifiers, so this new £2,975.00 ATC SIACD which can also double as a pre or power amp is quite interesting. At this price point though it has serious competition from the likes of Naim / Cyrus and others.

Review - ATC SCM11


ATC Launch the ATC SCM11 speakers
T he £1200 ATC SCM11 two way speakers, available in either cherry or black ash, feature

Review - New ATC SCM19 and SCM40 Launched

New ATC SCM19 and SCM40 Launched
D esigned for small to medium scale stereo and multi-channel systems, the two new models incorporate a wholly ATC designed and built tweeter, and stylishly curved cabinets.


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