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Review - AKG K182

AKG K182

AKG Launch The K182 - Closed Back Over Ear Headphones
T he AKG K182 headphones a closed back over ear headphone and your for £89 have been designed for comfort, long listening sessions and extensive bass – frequency wise that is with bass extension down to 10 Hz. There’s no bass boost though unlike some models out there. Unusually the K192 have a single cable connection (on the left phone). AKG see the K192s as great for use with E-drums and Keyboards, studio monitoring and home recording and listening.

Review - AKG K167 DJ


AKG Launch The AKG K167 DJ and K67 DJ Headphones
C onceived with DJs in mind, the AKG K167 DJ and K67 DJ closed back over-ear headphones deliver awesome sound - for everyone, not just those behind the decks. From the club, to the commute, to the beach, the on-ear and closed-back design is the perfect partner. Carrying sub-£100 price-tags and designed and built by respected headphone maker AKG, the K167 DJ and K67 DJ headphones provide optimum sound quality, noise isolation and comfort.

Review - AKG K92


AKG Launch The K52, K72 and K92 Headphones
T he AKG K52 K72 K92 closed back headphones bring professional-level performance to the sub-£100 headphones sector. Now available to buy in the UK, the K52, K72, and K92 closed-back designs are as happy on the commute or at home as they are in the professional studio. The AKG K52, K72, and K92 are priced (RRPs) at £34.80, £46.80, and £58.80 respectively.

Review - AKG K872

AKG K872

AKG Reveal The K872 Headphones
T he AKG K872 headphones are an over-ear closed-back headphone that employs custom 53mm drivers with a 1.5 Tesla magnet system. The open-mesh headband and 3D-shaped slow-retention foam earcups create a personalized fit aiding comfort during long listening sessions.

Review - AKG N90


AKG reveal the AKG N90Q Headphone
T he AKG N90Q Headphones (a Quincy Jones endorsed headphone) are a wireless Bluetooth model that employs Active Noise cancellation and can correct the sound you are hearing by listening with you (via two microphones, one in each ear cup). The user can also override treble and bass with their own preferences.

Review - AKG Y23


AKG Reveal Their First Y Series In-Ear Headphones
A KG have announced two In-Ear headphones joining the very well received AKG Y Series of Headphones. These are the AKG Y20 and AKG Y23. Both enable smartphone calls to be made via a one button remote, the AKG Y20s feature larger drivers. Price and availability is yet to be confirmed.

Review - AKG Y50s

AKG Y50s

AKG launch the AKG Y50 headphones
T he £80 AKG Y50 are the result of AKG’s 60 years plus of expertise in the field of headphones, working side by side with music professionals. Inspiring AKG sound for your ears only i.e. isolated and enclosed.

Review - AKG Y Series

AKG Y Series

Video with more info on the AKG Y-Series headphone range from AKG
A video with more info on the AKG Y-Series headphone range from AKG.

Review - AKG Y Series

AKG Y Series

AKG reveal the AKG Y Series headphones
T he AKG Y series of on ear headphones are designed for portability and has four models , the AKG Y55DJ , AKG Y50, AKG Y40, and AKG Y45 BT.

Review - AKG Y50s

AKG Y50s

AKG to launch the Y50 Headphones
T he AKG Y50s have a closed-back design & fold flat. They're available July 2014 for €99 or £80 in teal, red, yellow & black

Review - AKG K323 XS Headphones

AKG K323 XS Headphones

AKG Launch the AKG K323 XS In-ear Headphones
A KG describe the ( between £35 and £45 depending on the colour) AKG K323XS in-ear headphones, as the smallest headphones with the fullest sound and an extremely comfortable fit

Review - AKG K812

AKG K812

AKG unveils new top of the range K812 headphone
T he K812 is a new top of the range model open back model which was 5 years in the making.


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