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Review - Q Acoustics Concept 500

Q Acoustics Concept 500

Q Acoustics To Launch The Concept 500 Floorstanders
T he Q Acoustics Concept 500 Floor standing speakers will come in at £3,600 making them by far Q Acoustics top of the range speaker and will be officially launched at the Bristol HiFi Show 2017. Until the unveiling, there's a scant bit more ..

Review - Rega Brio 2017

Rega Brio 2017

Rega launch the Brio 2017 integrated amp
T he Rega Brio 2017, at £598, is a ½ width case, 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, integrated amp that includes an MM phono stage and for the first time in a Brio, a headphone output. The Brio 2017 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Brio-R. Key improvements are a brand new case design, a complete overhaul of the electronic circuitry and that already mentioned headphone output.

Review - Linn Klimax DS

Linn Klimax DS

Linn Announce Katalyst Their 4th Generation DAC Technology
L inn’s Katalyst has somewhat slipped under the radar but was first announced in September 2016. Katalyst is an improvement to the DAC section of the Linn DS and DSM streamers and best of all can be retro fitted to non Katalyst DS and DSM players. Katalyst is in fact Linn’s 4th Generation DAC technology following in the footsteps of Numerik, the CD12 and the original Klimax DS DAC technology.

Review - Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core Server Is Now Available
T he Naim Uniti Core, the first product in Naim’s four model all new Uniti series, is now available. The Uniti Core replaces the UnitiServe and like the UnitiServe acts as a CD ripping and Network attached storage device. CD ripping also catalogues the rip using the Rovi on-line database. You can then search by title, artist, genre, track or composer. The Uniti Core can also play computer audio files. To do this you connect the Uniti Core, via its BNC coax S/PDIF output (a BNC to RCA adapter is supplied), to a DAC or amp with digital inputs, and use a new app from Naim to control music playback.

Review - McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

Turn vinyl into Hi-Res digital audio files with McIntosh this Christmas
M cIntosh’s new MP100, the first dedicated phono preamplifier from the legendary US brand and one featuring USB outputs for high-quality (24-bit) ‘rips’ from vinyl collections, has landed in the UK with McIntosh UK distributor Jordan Acoustics, just in time for Christmas 2016 (£2,750)

Review - OPPO UDP-203


The Oppo UDP-203 is now available
T he Oppo UDP-203, currently available at £650, is a universal player that can play just about any disk imaginable. The UDP-203 has been primarily designed as a Blu-Ray player for use in home cinema systems but it can also function as a network streamer in a HiFi system. As a streamer, the UDP-203 can connect to a network both wirelessly via Wi-Fi and via Ethernet, and can also play music from USB hard drives and thumb drives up to 16TB in capacity (16TB is some music library !). The UDP-203 offers Hi-Res Audio decoding up to DSD64/128 or multi-channel DSD64, as well as 192kHz/24-bit PCM used in hi-res res lossless formats such AIFF, ALAC, APE, FLAC and WAV.

Review - Denon AH-D7200

Denon AH-D7200

Denon Launch The AH-D7200 - Over-Ear Headphones
T he AH-D7200 are Denon’s new top of the range over ear headphone, and come in at £699. The AH-D7200 headphones use Denon’s Japanese-made FreeEdge drivers, which have been designed to use an extremely accurate piston motion to offer a high sound quality. The FreeEdge drivers are mounted on vibration reducing resin baffles, which are in turn fitted into self-damping real walnut wood housings. The walnut wood has been chosen to bring warmth and life to the sound. The ear cups of the AH-D7200 are suspended on a headband finished in real sheepskin leather and the memory foam ear-cushions are covered with very soft artificial leather.

Review - Denon DCD-1600NE SACD player

Denon DCD-1600NE SACD player

Denon launch the DCD-1600NE SACD player
T he Denon DCD-1600NE is a CD/SACD Player that can also play Hi-Res audio from DVDs. The DCD-1600NE is based on and is the smaller brother of Denon’s flagship the DCD-2500NE, and replaces the DCD-2010AE. In the DCD-1600NE, Denon have focussed on the basics of ultra-high precision reading of discs and supplying the highest-quality audio signal as output. This has been achieved by short signal paths, a redesigned disc transport, and the use of Advanced AL32 Processing Plus circuitry.

Review - Denon PMA-1600NE

Denon PMA-1600NE

Denon launch the PMA-1600NE Integrated Amp
T he Denon PMA-1600NE is an integrated amp with USB DAC , both MM and MC phono stage and a headphone amp all within the one box. The PMA-1600NE is based on its bigger brother the flagship PMA-2500NE, and replaces the PMA-2010AE. The DAC section of the PMA-1600NE can be switched off, in analogue mode, for an improvement in sound quality when using the PMA-1600NE as a pure integrated amp. When in use the rear USB-B input and embedded high quality D/A converter, can play hi-res audio files up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD up to 11.2MHz from a computer.

Review - iFi Audio nano iDSD Light Edition

iFi Audio nano iDSD Light Edition

iFi Audio launch the nano iDSD Light Edition DAC and headphone amp
T he iFi audio nano iDSD LE or Light Edition is a cut down version of the original nano iDSD, a Hi-Res Audio capable portable DAC/headphone amp, with a reduced price from $200 or £195 to $129 or £129. To enable a price reduction iFi have removed some of the features but sensibly stuck to the strengths of the original nano iDSD. The features removed are - no SPDIF out, no filter switch and no decoding of DSD128 computer audio files. The strong features retained are :-

Review - McIntosh MP1100

McIntosh MP1100

McIntosh Launch The MP1100 - Phono Preamplifier
T he McIntosh MP1100 Phono Preamplifier at £9,995 (available January 2017) is a valve based phono stage that also has an analogue to digital converter capable of 24-bit digital outputs to enable recording onto a computer from vinyl sources. The MP100 uses four 12AX7A vacuum tubes, with two tubes per channel in a fully balanced configuration, making the MP100 McIntosh’s first ever fully balanced vacuum tube phono stage.

Review - McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier

McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier

McIntosh Launch The D1100 Digital Preamplifier
T he McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier at £8,995 (available December 2016 in the US) is a reference level digital preamplifier and has a DAC section which is McIntosh’s most advanced DAC to date, offering no fewer than 9 digital inputs !

Review - Marantz SA-10

Marantz SA-10

Marantz Launch The SA-10 - SACD Player And USB DAC
T he Marantz SA-10 is a CD and SACD player, a Hi-Res audio capable USB DAC and dedicated headphone amp all in the one box. The SA-10 is Marantz’s top of the range SACD player and has seen Marantz take a step back from CD Player design (something they’ve been in some time now going back to the original CD-63) and rethink and redesign a whole player. The redesign starts from the CD transport mechanism, which is Marantz’s brand new SACD-M3 transport mechanism. The SACD-M3, as well as playing conventional CD and SACD disks can play DVD-ROM disks. A user then can burn Hi-Res Audio files to a DVD disk and can then use the SA-10 to play 24 bit FLAC files from 32 kHz to 192 kHz, resolution, and DSD64 and DSD128, as well as ALAC (Apple Lossless), AIFF and MP3 files.

Review - NAD M32


NAD Launch The M32 - Integrated Amp
T he NAD M32 is an integrated digital amp, USB DAC, phono stage, internet radio and headphone amp offering a powerful 150 watts into both 8 and 4 Ohms. The M32 uses NAD’s MDC modules, MDC stands for Modular Design Construction (MDC). The M32 can accommodate 4 of these modules, one is a pre-supplied SPDIF Module, and the other three can be used for upgrading the M32. The M32 can also be upgraded by firmware updates as all the controls are software driven. The SPDIF Module, offers AES/EBU, 2 x Coax and 2 x Optical, all 24 bit/192 kHz capable. Additionally, digital wise, there is a USB B port for connecting computers. Two sets of speaker terminals allow the M32 to be used to bi-wire speakers.

Review - Marantz PM10 - Integrated Amp

Marantz PM10 - Integrated Amp

Marantz Launch The PM-10 - Integrated Amp
T he Marantz PM-10 is the Marantz's top of the range integrated amp. The PM-10 is a fully balanced, dual mono design, offering a very powerful 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and the full 400 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms. Marantz describe the PM-10 as a pre-amplifier and two monoblock power amps, squeezed into the one chassis. There are no digital inputs in the PM-10, it's a pure analogue integrated amp. However the PM-10 does offer a headphone amp and both an MM and MC phono stage.

Review - Q Acoustics Concept 500

Q Acoustics Concept 500

Q Acoustics reveal a top tier floor stander - the Concept 500
T he Concept 500’s low-resonance dual-layer Gelcore™ cabinet construction, d’Appolito driver arrangement and innovative decoupled driver mounting all add up to one thing: the finest sound yet from any Q Acoustics speaker.

Review - Roksan blak CD Player

Roksan blak CD Player

Roksan go upmarket with their Blak series CD player
T he new CD player is the pinnacle of Roksan’s CD replay and tops their range, trumping the Caspian M2. The new disc player is a highly sophisticated design with striking aesthetics and an audiophile reference standard performance.

Review - Cyrus One

Cyrus One

Cyrus Release A Control App For The Cyrus One
C yrus have just released an app to control the Cyrus One, an integrated amp, Bluetooth receiver and a lot more. The app is available now on the Apple Store and on Google Play. You will also need to update the firmware on your Cyrus ONE to version 1.3 which supports the new app. This update can be done at home with a USB to mini USB cable. The new firmware and instructions can be found via the first link below. Alternatively you can take your unit along to your authorised Cyrus dealer who will be happy to update it for you.

Review - Noble X

Noble X

Noble Audio’s most affordable In-Ear Monitor The Noble X is available exclusively for a limited period on Massdrop
N oble Audio, a high-performance in-ear monitor (IEM) specialist, has launched the Noble X exclusively on Massdrop, a special limited edition in-ear monitor offering sensational value for money. Just 2,000 proprietary-driver Noble X IEMs will be available on this first run at $249/c.£200 a price point not seen before in a Noble product. Massdrop is a community-driven commerce site. The Noble X offers real exclusivity and distinct styling, differentiating it from Noble’s five-strong Classic IEM line, the inspiration for the new model. The Noble X for Massdrop features the same build materials and intricate metalwork as Noble’s other models, but with a unique basket-weave texture and midnight blue finish.

Review - iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black

iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black

iFi Audio Launch The Micro iDSD Black
T he iFi Audio micro iDSD Black Label is a special edition version of the micro iDSD – USB DAC and headphone amp and retails for US$549 (ex-tax) or Euro599/£455 (incl VAT). iFi describe the micro iDSD Black as the world's most powerful DSD/PCM/DXD battery-powered DAC. The improvements made in the iDSD Black are :-

Review - Chord Mojo

Chord Mojo

Chord Electronics Offers Free Mojo Carry Case With All New MOJO Purchases This Holiday Season
C hord Electronics is offering a free protective Mojo case* worth £65 with every new Mojo purchased in-store at participating retailers internationally until the 14th of January 2017. The award-winning Mojo DAC/headphone amp from Chord Electronics is being supplied with a free protective case* throughout the holiday season in store at participating retailers, internationally. The promotion offers the high-quality protective case (worth £65) with all new Mojo purchases bought in retail stores up until 14th January 2017.

Review - Arcam A39 -  FMJ Integrated amplifier

Arcam A39 - FMJ Integrated amplifier

Arcam: Christmas Cheer Price Drops on World-class Hi-Fi and AV - Dec 2016
W here as many manufacturers are increasing prices, Arcam are reducing prices or not increasing prices on models where production costs have risen. The reduced or held prices will last ‘til Christmas and beyond and are designed to drive business to Arcam. Also the award winning A19 integrated amp is now discontinued due to component supply problems. Arcam have reduced the price of the next two models up, the A29 and A39 to make them more attractive.

Review - exaSound launches the PlayPoint Network Audio Player

exaSound launches the PlayPoint Network Audio Player
E xaSound claims that "the PlayPoint connects your exaSound DAC to your home network and delivers seamless, life-like music experience. The sound is astonishingly dynamic and clean, with vanishingly low jitter, distortion and noise levels." The player is priced at $ 1,699.

Review - Benchmark DAC3 HGC

Benchmark DAC3 HGC

Benchmark Launch the DAC3 HGC - USB DAC And Headphone Amp
B enchmark's new DAC3 HGC looks very similar to the DAC2 HGC but offers better specifications, such as lower Total Harmonic Distortion and THD+N noise, resulting in better sound quality. The DAC3 also uses the new ESS Technologies ES9028PRO converter chip.


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