Yamaha MusicCast - Initial Hand-On Review By What Hi-Fi

Review - Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast - Initial Hand-On Review By What Hi-Fi
Y amaha’s MusicCast, a multi-room streaming system, is taken out for an initial hands on review by What Hi-Fi. Yamaha have recently announced 23 MusicCast compatible products. The review uses a tablet plugged into a Yamaha Restio ISX-80 desktop speaker. The same music is then also played on Yamaha WX030 wireless speaker, and finally a pair of Bluetooth headphones. The reviewer sees MusicCast as likely to be a serious rival to Sonos and BlueSound and concludes on the initial listen to MusicCast :-

Although it was a prototype system, the experience proved seamless and incredibly easy to use. In fact, Yamaha tells us a ten-year-old was brought in to test the usability, which sounds believable.

In theory, you can plug a CD player into your AV receiver in the living room, and stream that over to the micro system in the bedroom. Or plug in a USB stick and play that on the little wireless speaker in the garage. It seems a MusicCast AV receiver might give you the most bang-per-buck as it has the most connections in the range.

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