Yamaha Launch The Yamaha R-N501 - Streamer and Integrated amp

Review - Yamaha R-N500

Yamaha R-N500

Yamaha Launch The Yamaha R-N501 - Streamer and Integrated amp
T he £350 Yamaha R-N500 is a one bow streamer, USB DAC and integrated amp. Just add digital or analogue sources and speakers. Furthermore AirPlay, Spotify Connect, internet radio, and FM and AM radio are also available. If this wasn’t enough there’s also a moving magnet (MM) phono preamp.

The DAC section can decode either FLAC or WAV up to 24-bit 192kHz.

The amp section offers 160 watts per channel and includes a Sub woofer out to attach a sub woofer. There’s also Bi-passable tone controls and a loudness control for extra bass at quieter levels.

The construction uses ToP-ART sound quality design and the highest quality parts as found in Yamaha’s more costly integrated amps.

The R-N500 is app controllable via a Smartphone app and is remote controllable too.

There’s no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but for fans of these - Yamaha sell add on modules and of course this functionality can be added via products from other manufacturers.

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