What Hi-Fi's take on the new PMC Twenty5.22 speakers

Review - PMC Twenty5 Speaker Range

PMC Twenty5 Speaker Range

What Hi-Fi's take on the new PMC Twenty5.22 speakers
A review of the new and improved PMC Twenty5.22 from PMC by What Hi-Fi. The PMC Twenty5.22's review price was £2,450. All in all the PMC Twenty5.22 gets 5 stars from the respected Speakers reviewer.

■ Positive points were: Stunning clarity and precision - Fast and exciting timing - Deep, taut bass - Gorgeous design.

■ Negatives points were: Rivals offer subtler dynamics - Can sound a touch too insistent at times.

What Hi-Fi summarises the PMC Twenty5.22 as "It's not entirely fair to compare the PMCs with the ATCs (The comparison is with the ATC SCM19 speakers). There's a difference in balance and presentation – and a £500 price gap between the two – but we find the ATCs a more comfortable, emotive listen. That doesn't take away from how enjoyable the PMC Twenty5.22 speakers are. If we could fuse the two, it'd be the perfect pair of speakers. Even so, we can't deny how much fun we had with them. The upgraded technologies have made a considerable impact, and they're such an attractive pair of speakers we want to take them home immediately. They're superb speakers for the money, and we urge you to give them a listen.".

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