What Hi-Fi has reviewed NAD's C 338

Review - NAD C 338

NAD C 338

What Hi-Fi has reviewed NAD's C 338
W hat Hi-Fi gives the C 338 from NAD the once over in a new review. The C 338's review price was £600. The C 338 gets 3 stars from What Hi-Fi.

■ Key strengths were seen as: Well equipped - Google Chromecast support - Smooth, easy listening balance.

■ Negatives points were: Lacks detail, dynamic expression and rhythmic ability.

In summary, What Hi-Fi says "The NAD C 338 may be a very here and now amplifier. But the trade-off for plentiful features is a middling performance that doesn't come close to matching the class-leaders. Our preference is for a better balance between performance and features – achieved impressively by the likes of the Cambridge Audio CXA60. While, naturally, you want a considerable amount of bang for your buck from any piece of hi-fi, that bang' should be compelling to listen to. And here, it just isn't.".

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