What Hi-Fi has reviewed ELAC's Debut B6

Review - ELAC Debut B6

ELAC Debut B6

What Hi-Fi has reviewed ELAC's Debut B6
W hat Hi-Fi gives the Debut B6 from ELAC, a £300 bookshelf speaker the once over in a new review. The Debut B6's review price was £300. The Debut B6 gets 4 stars from the respected reviewer.

■ Key strengths were seen as: Bold, spacious sound - Plenty of detail - Decent balance.

■ Weak points for the Debut B6 were: Doesn't match dynamics or level of expression of class leaders.

What Hi-Fi's summary of the Debut B6 is "There's a definite leap between these and our Award winners in this price bracket, and a handy saving on the latter to boot, but there are plenty of reasons to give these ELACs a home. If you're planning on spending £300 on some new speakers, it'd be an oversight to not at least try the Debut B6s with your current kit.".

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