What Hi-Fi has reviewed Acoustic Energy's Aego Soundbar

Review - Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar

Acoustic Energy Aego Sound3ar

What Hi-Fi has reviewed Acoustic Energy's Aego Soundbar
A new review of the Aego from Acoustic Energy by What Hi-Fi. The Aego's price at the time of the review was £200. In summary What Hi-Fi believes that the Aego merits 4 stars.

■ The Aego's assets were its: Expansive, solid sound - Small size and budget price is appealing - Easy to use.

■ Negatives points were: Could be subtler and more dynamic - Not amazing with music.

In summary, What Hi-Fi says "Spend another £100 and you get the Q Acoustics Media 4 – a significant step up in terms of detail, precision, dynamics and scale. But not everyone will be able to fit that long bar into their homes, nor be able to spare the extra cash. Acoustic Energy fills that gap neatly. The Aego Soundbar is a fuss-free, well thought-out product for those who want an enjoyable sound from their TV, but don't have the space or budget to splash out for the big bars.".

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