What Hi-Fi gives the B&W 707 S2 from B&W the once over in a new review

Review - B&W 700 series S2

B&W 700 series S2

What Hi-Fi gives the B&W 707 S2 from B&W the once over in a new review
T he B&W 700 S2 series has only just been launched but quick out the blocks, What Hi-Fi review the smallest stand mounter in the range, the 707 S2. The B&W 707 S2's review price was £800. The venerable Speakers reviewer What Hi-Fi has given the B&W 707 S2 4 stars.

■ The main positives are: A solid and authoritative presentation - Impressively powerful bass integration - Composed at high volumes - Excellent build and finish - Engineering.

■ Key weaknesses were seen as: Sound lacks dynamic subtlety and rhythmic dexterity.

What Hi-Fi's summary of the B&W 707 S2 is "Make no mistake. The 707 S2s are deeply impressive in the way they deliver things that small speakers normally just don't. We haven't heard a similarly sized speaker sound so commanding or able to retain composure when dealing with heavy bass lines and high volumes. But given a complex rhythm, these speakers are more likely to stand on the side nodding their head than cut loose, Travolta style. For some the compromises won't matter, as the 707's strengths are so impressive. But for us? We like a bit more in the way of fun.".

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