What Does What Hi-Fi Make Of The Focal Sopra No.1 Speakers ?

Review - Focal Sopra Speakers

Focal Sopra Speakers

What Does What Hi-Fi Make Of The Focal Sopra No.1 Speakers ?
W hat Hi-Fi gives the Focal Sopra No. 1 Speaker from Focal the once over in a new review. The Focal Sopra No.1 Speaker’s price at the time of the review was £6,600 and it is the smaller stand mounted speaker in the picture. All in all the Focal Sopra No.1 Speaker gets 4 stars from the respected Speakers reviewer.

■ The Focal Sopra No.1 Speaker's assets were its: Sweet, refined balance - Excellent resolution - Superb high frequencies - Solid build.

■ Negatives points were: Could do with a bit more punch and attack.

What Hi-Fi summarises the Focal Sopra No.1 Speakers with "The Focal Sopra No.1s are impressively sophisticated speakers. They're refined, forensic and pleasing in their ability to organise all that information effectively. Listen to classical or smaller scale vocal-based music and the Sopra 1s are eloquent and charming and right up there with the finest speakers at this price. However, if you like your music to have edge, and want some speakers that will get your toes tapping rather than just your brain engaged, others do better.".

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