Video review of the i-Box Trax - Bluetooth portable speaker

Review - i-Box Trax

i-Box Trax

Video review of the i-Box Trax - Bluetooth portable speaker
T he £75 - 6 Watt i-Box Trax will connect to any Bluetooth enabled smart phone, tablet or music device – completely wirelessly. With a built-in rechargeable battery you can forget being pinned to a wall socket – the Trax will go wherever you go.

Unique lines and a premium finish comes as standard. This is one speaker you won't want to hide.
Whilst design always takes a front seat here at i-box, we have made sure that the i-Box Trax is packed full of advanced convenience features such as a touch sensitive control panel, remote music control and NFC contact-free pairing.

All of this plus an impressive 10 hours play time means the music doesn't stop until you do!

The i-Box Trax is most definitely not just ‘another’ Bluetooth speaker but something that's that extra bit special.

Watch the video review below :-

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