Video Review - Auralic Taurus Mk II - Headphone Amp - By HiFi Guy

Review - Auralic Taurus

Auralic Taurus

Video Review - Auralic Taurus Mk II - Headphone Amp - By HiFi Guy
T he Auralic Tautus Mk II Headphone Amp is the subject of a 7 minute video review. No unboxing this time as the video starts with the Taurus unboxed, plugged in and switched on (red lights glowing).

The video deals with the basic outputs at the front for headphones, the volume control and around the back, the inputs and outputs. By the way the outputs at the back show RCA and balanced outs to a power amp so the suspicion is that this is the Taurus Pre i.e. a Pre amp and Headphone amp in one.

The review goes onto note the considerable 4.5 Watts power output for headphones ( enough to drive Horn loaded speakers perhaps !) and comments on the sound quality.

You can watch the complete YouTube - Auralic Taurus Mk II Headphone amp review via the first of the buttons below.

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on all the latest from Auralic, including the Taurus and Taurus Pre - via the second link below :-

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