Video Review - Auralic Aries Mini - Streamer By HB Channel

Review - Auralic Aries Mini

Auralic Aries Mini

Video Review - Auralic Aries Mini - Streamer By HB Channel
T he Auralic Aries Mini is the subject of a comprehensive 15 minute video review by HB channel. The price at the time of the review for the Aries Mini was £375. The Aries Mini includes a DAC section so can be plugged into the amplifier of an existing HiFi system to offer streaming capabilities. There is a down side to the Aries Mini in that it doesn't have its own display, has only half the RAM of the full blown Aries and AES/EBU is missing as a digital output.

The review starts by comparing Aries Mini vs Aries and asking how Aries Mini fares given the compromises made. There is never a direct comparison with Aries but the review goes onto look at adding an SSD drive to Aries Mini, the iOS App and the internal layout plus technical details such as file playback capabilities.

Also mentioned is “tweak ability” such as the ability to upgrade the standard power supply to a high end linear power supply.

Finally the Aries Mini is compared against the competition - initially with the Sonos Connect and a Raspberry Pi based streamer. Both these two have their limitations so the reviewer concludes that the only competition for the money that the Auralic Aries Mini faces is the Bluesound Node 2. The Aries Mini has its own strengths here though such as upgrade options, via power supply upgrades, ability to fit a 2 TB SSD drive, output to an external DAC and superior file support.

The reviewer concludes on the Auralic Aries Mini that it is a high end product at a non high end price that will please any connoisseur.

You can watch the complete - Auralic Aries Mini Video Review - via the first of the three yellow buttons below.

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