Trusted Reviews take on the Cyrus One Integrated amp

Review - Cyrus One

Cyrus One

Trusted Reviews take on the Cyrus One Integrated amp
D oes Cyrus's new Cyrus One justify its billing? - Trusted Reviews has given its verdict. The Cyrus One's review price was £699.00. The venerable Integrated Amplifiers reviewer Trusted Reviews has given the Cyrus One 8 out of 10.

■ Positive points were: Transparent, insightful sound - Bags of power and bass punch - Solid build quality and chic gloss-black fascia - Useful audio features.

■ Key weaknesses were seen as: Fiddly credit card-style remote - No network streaming or USB DAC.

Trusted Reviews summarises the Cyrus One as "Cyrus courts the younger vote with a swanky compact amp that delivers stunning sonics at an affordable price, but it isn't quite the complete solution you might be hoping for.".

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