Tidal's new streaming service Tidal with MQA is reviewed by What Hi-Fi

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Tidal's new streaming service Tidal with MQA is reviewed by What Hi-Fi
T idal's new Streaming Service - Tidal with MQA is out and What Hi-Fi has given their verdict. Tidal with MQA's review price was £20 per month. The venerable Streaming Service reviewer What Hi-Fi has given the Tidal with MQA the full 5 Stars award.

■ Tidal with MQA's assets were its: No extra cost for Tidal Hi-Fi subscribers - Works with non-MQA hardware - Extensive catalogue - Hi-res audio up to 24-bit/192kHz - Better-than-CD-quality sound.

■ The main negatives are: Desktop only - Discoverability could be better - Need compatible hardware to flag file resolution and get full benefit of MQA.

In summary, What Hi-Fi says "Tidal and MQA set out on a mission to bring hi-res streaming to the masses, and despite taking a while to get out of the gate, their partnership has paid dividends. As with new technologies, further patience is warranted as we wait not only for support from key manufacturers for more hardware choices, but other streaming services to get onboard. As Tidal settles to its MQA adoption, we hope interface developments will follow too. But for now, the venture has successfully laid down solid foundations from which the MQA and hi-res streaming experience can only evolve.".

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