The Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar is reviewed by AVForums

Review - Q Acoustics M3

Q Acoustics M3

The Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar is reviewed by AVForums
T he Q Acoustics M3 soundbar is the subject of this review by AVForums. Priced at £299.99, AV forums awards the M3 8 out of 10.

■ Positives were - Very good sound quality at reasonably loud volumes - Excellent replacement for the TV speakers if space is tight - Reasonable music performance from Bluetooth sources - Easy set up with ARC HDMI

■ Negatives were - Stereo separation and soundstage is restricted to the width of the soundbar

AVForums sum up with - While there are debates to be had about soundbars trying to offer immersive surround sound like Dolby Atmos at higher price points versus a dedicated home cinema set up, at the level where the M3 operates it offers a solution for those simply wanting to improve the sound quality of their flat panel TV without any hassles or wires. And that is exactly what it is supposed to do. We are not dealing with a product that wants to replace a home cinema or a dedicated two-channel stereo set up.

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