Technics Launch The SU-G30 - Network Audio Amplifier

Review - Technics SU-G30 - Network Audio Amplifier

Technics SU-G30 - Network Audio Amplifier

Technics Launch The SU-G30 - Network Audio Amplifier
T he Technics SU-G30 - Network Audio Amplifier was shown at the Bristol HiFi Show and is a £2,799 integrated amplifier, USB DAC and streamer all in the one box, there's also analogue inputs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, an MM Phono preamp and a headphone amp. The G in the name derives from "Grand Class" a new product range from Technics, above the 700A series, that also includes the recently relaunched SL-1200G Turntable. The SU-G30 is also part of Grand Class G30. Grand Class G30 is a combination of two products, the SU-G30 Network Audio Amplifier and the coming soon - ST-G30 - Music Server.

The amplifier section of the SU-G30 offers 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms doubling to 100 into 4 Ohms. There's also L.A.P.C. in the SU-G30 - L.A.P.C. stands for Load Adaptive Phase Calibration where the amp changes its output to match the characteristics of the speaker that the SU-G30 is driving.

The DAC section of the SU-G30 utilises another four letter acronym from Technics - J.E.N.O. - JENO stands for Jitter Elimination And Noise-Shaping Optimisation and is a software means to provide a purer analogue signal post decoding. There's also High-Res Remaster, a Technics enhancement to get better sound quality from compressed audio.

The SU-G30 features a built-in network playback circuit with thorough measures against jitter and noise. This achieves a simple circuit structure: it transmits digital audio data through the shortest possible signal path from the music sources all the way to the power stage with extremely low signal degradation, realising uncompromised sound quality and providing a comfortable user interface for seamless app operation.

Computer audio support in the SU-G30 is extensive including - Spotify, Internet radio, digital audio (DLNA, USB, Bluetooth) and analogue audio (Line, Phone), the SU-G30 digitally processes all types of signal source. It also supports the latest high-resolution formats such as DXD 384 kHz/32 bit, and up to DSD 11.2 MHz or DSD 256).

Finally to further enhance the sound quality of the SU-G30, Technics have housed the SU-G30 in a double layer rigid aluminium case to help eliminate vibration induced distortion and Radio Frequency interference distortion. Technics have also put effort into the powering of the SU-G30 - The main unit is powered by a High-Speed Silent Hybrid Power Supply and the DAC section is battery powered which Technics see as the best solution.

Availability of the SU-G30 is spring 2016.


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