Sony's new BDP-S6700 is reviewed by What Hi-Fi

Review - Sony BDP-S6700

Sony BDP-S6700

Sony's new BDP-S6700 is reviewed by What Hi-Fi
D oes Sony's new BDP-S6700, a Blu-ray player that can also play CDs, justify its billing? - What Hi-Fi has given its verdict. The BDP-S6700's review price was £140. Overall the BDP-S6700 has earned 5 stars from What Hi-Fi.

■ The main positives are: Excellent picture quality - Multi-room support - Good selection of streaming services - Good upscaling from DVD.

Weak points for the BDP-S6700 were: Uninspiring design and build - Midrange could be a touch more expressive.

What Hi-Fi summarises the BDP-S6700 as "With the BDP-S6700, Sony has proved once again that it knows how to play the budget market to a tee, focusing on delivering an outstanding performance at a competitive price. If you're not ready to make the jump to 4K Blu-ray just yet, this player will make the most of your Blu-ray collection until you are, and might just leave you enough budget for a few new Blu-rays while you're at it.".

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