Review of the Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase by Trusted Reviews

Review - Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase

Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase

Review of the Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase by Trusted Reviews
A new review of the SRT-1000 from Yamaha by Trusted Reviews. The SRT-1000's review price was £499.00. Trusted Reviews has given the Yamaha SRT-1000 - 9 out of 10 in their review.

Strong points for the SRT-1000 were: Sleek design and solid build - Convincing surround sound - Muscular, well integrated bass and crisp detail - Excellent control app. Key weaknesses were seen as: Surround performance dependent on room - No HDMI inputs or front panel readout - Not as refined as some rivals - Expensive. Trusted Reviews’ summary of the SRT-1000 is "Yamaha’s debut soundbase is the first to deliver convincing surround sound backed up by attractive features and a stylish design – although the cheaper Canton offers a more assured performance.".

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