Review of the Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase by Truly Net

Review - Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase

Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase

Review of the Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase by Truly Net
T he £500 Yamaha SRT-1000 is capable of supporting and providing the sound for a 55 inch telly as well as acting as a Bluetooth HiFi speaker. Truly Net, a US reviewer, take it out for review and conclude :-

For an immersive, cinematic experience, the Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase is excellent- a great way to make your holidays a little more fun, and a little bit louder. If you’d rather gather around the TV than head to the movies, it’s hard to better in this price range and size.

There's a good comparison with competitor models around the same price point.

You can read the complete Truly Net - Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase review via the first link below.

There's more on the latest from Yamaha , including the Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase, from HiFi Enthusiast via the second one :-

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