Review of the Yamaha A-S201 - integrated amp by Audio Appraisal

Review - Yamaha A-S2100

Yamaha A-S2100

Review of the Yamaha A-S201 - integrated amp by Audio Appraisal
A favourable review of the £1700 Yamaha A-S201 by Audio Appraisal. They conclude :-

"All in all, a great effort from Yamaha – and one that pays off. Only a few things let the A-S201 down – the lack of a front panel balance control means that, if you’ve lost the remote, you could be left with unbalanced sound. Perhaps it would be better to ditch the digital controls – and simply use good old potentiometers instead. The speaker terminals are also a little flimsy – and the capped ends are an annoyance for anyone using banana plugs.

That said – these are minor complaints. The A-s201 is a solidly built, well-specified amplifier for very little cash. You can add fantastic sound, and an excellent built-in phono stage too. If you’re looking for a simple, smooth-sounding integrated amplifier – the A-S201 should be on your shortlist."

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