Review of the Yamah AS501 Integrated amp by Richer Sounds

Review - Yamaha A-S501

Yamaha A-S501

Review of the Yamah AS501 Integrated amp by Richer Sounds
T he award winning £360 Yamaha A-S501 Integrated amplifier has been updated in 2014 and Richer Sounds take a listen and review it.

They do find some problems with the rhythmic ability of the amp. Looking a bit further into their review, they use the Quintet at the Massey Hall as a test recording. All jazz bebop fans will know that this 1953 recording was made by bassist Charlie Mingus using a portable tape recorder, placed beneath the stage, so can't really be seen as reference grade! Great that it is though.

You can read Richer Sounds full review of the Yamaha AS501 integrated amplifier via the first link below.

We at HiFi Enthusiast have more on all the latest Yamaha products, including the Yamaha AS501 and the other AS integrated amps via the second one.

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