Review of the Tannoy Mercury 5.0 Speaker Package by AVForums

Review - Tannoy Mercury Speaker Package

Tannoy Mercury Speaker Package

Review of the Tannoy Mercury 5.0 Speaker Package by AVForums
A 9 / 10 rating and a Best Buy Award in the review of the S.R.P. £620 - Tannoy Mercury 5.0 Speaker Package by AVForums. They conclude :-

"As we’re crammed into our tiny, expensive houses, I am under absolutely no illusion that the space available for sub/sat packages, let alone something like the Tannoys is ever more contested. Despite this, if you are looking for something that really makes films and music an event, I honestly don’t think there is much out there anywhere near the price of the Mercury system that can deliver the same performance. You will need more room and there is no argument that halfway house packs like the Dali Zensor can deliver some of this performance in a more room-friendly way but this is a set of speakers that will make your viewing and listening so much more entertaining at a very sensible price and for that reason, above the solid build, handsome appearance and flexible setup, it comes highly recommended."

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