Review of the Spendor A6 R Speakers by HiFi Choice

Review - Spendor A6 R

Spendor A6 R

Review of the Spendor A6 R Speakers by HiFi Choice
T he full review is now available of the Spendor A6R Floorstanding Speakers from Hi-Fi Choice. Hi-Fi Choice award the £2,495 Spendor A6 R speaker a red recommended badge and conclude :-

Spendor’s new A6R floorstander is actually quite a hard speaker to describe, as it really doesn’t draw attention to itself. Rather, it lets you play pretty much any type of music you like, and gives a very clean, open, engaging and enjoyable rendition of it. It’s one of those speakers that gets straight ‘As’ across all disciplines, while never quite making it to A-star in any. Its sheer competence across the board means it’s really hard, if not impossible, to beat. You just can’t help really liking it, no matter what you’re currently used to and how expensive it is. As such, it comes heartily recommended – if you want your music to do the talking and not your loudspeakers!

You can read Hi-Fi Choice's complete Spendor A6R review via the first link below.

Via the second there's a bit more on Spendor from HiFi Enthusiast.

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