Review of the Rel S5 Subwoofer by HCC

Review - Rel S Series

Rel S Series

Review of the Rel S5 Subwoofer by HCC
A 5 star review of the £1,600 top of the range Rel S series the Rel S5 SubWoofer by HCC. They conclude :-

"This sub-woofer can be seen to reach a limit but if you find it your home will likely be shaking with structure-borne bass as you do so. And yes it’s hardly cheap, but I’d argue it offers fantastic value as good as REL’s previous Stentor but for a good chunk less. And if you need more, REL’s Gibraltar range is for certifiable types or Castle owners."

Read the full review of the Rel S5 SubWoofer via the first link below.

Get more info on the latest Rel products including the, Rel S5 SubWoofer, from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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