Review of the Rel S3 Subwoofer by HiFi Plus

Review - Rel S Series

Rel S Series

Review of the Rel S3 Subwoofer by HiFi Plus
A favourable review of the £1,299 Rel S3 Subwoofer by HiFi+. They conclude :-

"Although it can happily shake the walls every bit as much as its R328 predecessor, this is also a subtle and deft device. The curious thing about the REL S/3 is its lack of impressiveness is what will impress you most. This subwoofer has little or no character to speak of and will interact with the fastest of loudspeakers with ease. You’ll hardly notice it is there, until you turn it off. Then, it’s like someone deflated your loudspeakers. Outstanding."

They then return to the Rel S3 subwoofer and find it's got better with time.

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