Review of the Rel S/2 Subwoofer by ToneAudio

Review - Rel S Series

Rel S Series

Review of the Rel S/2 Subwoofer by ToneAudio
T he Rel S2 at £999 is the entry level model into Rel's new S Series of SubWoofers. US On-Line reviewer ToneAudio put it under the spotlight and award it a 2014 Exceptional Value Award concluding :-

While I’ve enjoyed every one of the REL subwoofers I’ve had a chance to own and review, the S/2 is a personal favourite, because it hits the sweet spot for the price asked. Its bass performance will augment all but the largest floor standing, full range systems, yet it works brilliantly with a pair of mini monitors, Magnepans or ESLs without fuss. There is no better upgrade you can make to a system with limited LF response than the REL S/2. You could spend more than this on a power cord for a minimal change in sound quality, or you could add an S/2. (Or even a pair of S/2s). Considering REL’s stellar reputation for build quality and customer support makes it easy to award the S/2 one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2014.

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