Review of the Quad PA-One Headphone amp USB DAC by EnjoytheMusic

Review - Quad PA-One Headphone amp

Quad PA-One Headphone amp

Review of the Quad PA-One Headphone amp USB DAC by EnjoytheMusic
T he Quad PA-One. a valve amplified Headphone amp and USB DAC, was first seen at the Munich High End Show 2014. The Quad PA-One looks decidedly retro and sees Quad revisit their 70 years of valve amp experience but in combination with ultra-modern USB DAC technology. The Quad PA-One has now been reviewed by US reviewer EnjoyTheMusic. They quote the price in pounds though at £1,299 and conclude :-

The headphone and 24-bit/192kHz DAC section alone are worth the £1,299 ticket and the wide connectivity options can only make this package even more attractive.

They do note that, as ever with valve amplification, you can find improvements by replacing stock valves with more expensive NOS ( New Old Stock) valves. Also there's a less expensively upgrade by adding tube dampers ( jackets or rings that fit over the tubes that help prevent microphonic feedback loops).

The reviewers give the Quad Pa-One the full work out though, as they even try it out as a digital preamp.

you can read the full review of the Quad PA One via the first link below.

There's more from Us at HiFi Enthusiast on all the latest from Quad, including the Quad Vena and the Quad PA-One a USB DAC and Headphone amp via the second :-

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