Review of the Polk Hampden speakers by AV Product Reviews

Review - Polk Audio Hampden speakers

Polk Audio Hampden speakers

Review of the Polk Hampden speakers by AV Product Reviews
T he Polk Audio Hampden Desktop Speakers ( Yours for - £349 or $399 if based in the U.S.) have been designed for near field listening. AV Product Reviews put them under the reviewers spot light and award them 4.5 out of 5 stars, concluding :-

The Polk Hampden is a must buy for anyone who takes their audio seriously. The Hampden has great dynamic range for computer speakers. Its only drawback is that at high volumes it starts to sound a little muddy, but unless you are trying to push your eardrums to their limits, there’s no reason to play it that loud, even from across the room. The Hampden is a little pricey at $399, but considering how good it sounds, it’s probably worth every penny.

You can read the complete Polk Hampden review by AV Product Reviews via the first link below.

HiFi Enthusiast have more on the Polk Hampden and the latest from Polk Audio via the second one :-

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