Review of the PMC Twenty.26 speaker by Hi-Fi News

Review - PMC twenty.26

PMC twenty.26

Review of the PMC Twenty.26 speaker by Hi-Fi News
H i-Fi News review PMC's top of the range £5,750 PMC Twenty 26 speakers - a three way floorstanding model incorporating PMC's ATL porting system for improved bass. Hi-Fi News see a strength of the PMC Twenty 26's as :-

A particular strength of the twenty.26 has to be their midrange dome – remarkable in the way in which it can dig out the finest of details on offer and serve these up in an easy manner.

The final Hi-Fi News conclusion on the PMC Twenty 26 speaker is :-

The PMC twenty 26 speakers are a fitting flagship to the range. The two new drive units, created specifically for this model, do a first-class job, with the midrange dome a particular ‘high point’.

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