Review of the Micromega MyDAC by TAS

Review - Micromega MyDAC

Micromega MyDAC

Review of the Micromega MyDAC by TAS
T he £260 Micromega MyDAC, a USB DAC, is reviewed by the well-respected US reviewer TAS ( aka The Absolute Sound ). TAS don't go in for numeric or even stellar ( in terms of stars awarded ) product ratings, but instead let you know their opinion on a product via their writings. They sum up the Micromega MyDAC with :-

if you’re in the market for a DAC anywhere near this price, you absolutely must audition the Micromega MyDAC. It’s a great-sounding DAC and a stunning bargain.

You can read the full review of the Micromega MyDAC via the first link below.

HiFi Enthusiast have more on the Micromega MyDAC and other Micromega products via the second :-

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