Review of the Funk Flamenca Turntable by TAS

Review - Funk Flamenca

Funk Flamenca

Review of the Funk Flamenca Turntable by TAS
A very favourable review of the £850 Funk Flamenca Turntable, from across the pond, by TAS. They conclude :-

"Though the Flamenca paired with the F6 tonearm has a somewhat cumbersome setup—that is, if you want to really dial in your turntable—it excels at the highs and mids, and portrays music within a surprisingly focused and deep soundstage. Despite its slightly elevated surface noise, the ’table suffers little with vibration issues, and is a sleek design that won’t kill your budget. We can always dream of the ultra-high-end turntables, but for those of us on a Camaro budget the Funk Firm Flamenca will give your system that much needed performance boost— and for a lot less than a supercharger."

Read the full review of the Funk Flamenca Turntable via the first link below.

Get more info on the latest Funk Firm products including the, Funk Flamenca Turntable , from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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