Review of the Focal Spirit Classic Headphones by Innerfidelity

Review - Focal Spirit Classic

Focal Spirit Classic

Review of the Focal Spirit Classic Headphones by Innerfidelity
T wo favourable reviews for the price of one from across the pond by Innerfidelity. This review includes both the focal Spirit Professional and Focal Spirit Classic Headphones (M.S.R.P. £299). They conclude :-

"The Focal Spirit Classic provides a truly excellent listening experience for the audiophile. This is a neutral headphone with a very slightly laid-back sound stemming from a very slightly withdrawn presence region (800Hz-3kHz), but the overall impression listening to the Classics is of the music being one cohesive whole—these are an extremely even and coherent sounding headphone. Delivering eye-blinking impact when called for, the dynamics of the Classic is superb. Treble resolution is very good and untarnished by any harshness, but like most closed headphones they do leave a bit to be desired in terms of an open and spacious sound. These are going up on the "Wall of Fame" as an excellent sealed headphone for home and office."

Read the full review of the Focal Spirit Classic Headphones via the first link below. Get more info on the latest Focal products including the , Focal Spirit Classic Headphones, from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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