Review of the Focal Aria 906 speakers by TAS

Review - Focal Aria 906

Focal Aria 906

Review of the Focal Aria 906 speakers by TAS
A favourable review, from across the pond, of the £758 Focal Aria 906 speakers by TAS. They conclude :-

"There is a whole lot of music going on here. The speaker’s sonic character is vivid, fast, vibrant, and dynamically engaging. Befitting its size and bones, its output reflects a slightly lighter overall cast, but thanks to an impressive and pacey midbass the speaker always feels grounded. Bass response is excellent for this class—defined and controlled, reliably extending into the fifty-cycle range, as advertised, with a quick roll-off from there."

Read the full review of the Focal Aria 906 speakers via the first link below. Get more info on the latest Focal products including the Focal Aria speaker range from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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