Review of the Epos K1 speakers by TAS

Review - Epos K1 speakers

Epos K1 speakers

Review of the Epos K1 speakers by TAS
N o stars or marks out of 10 from TAS, in their review of the £400 EPOS K1 – 2-way speakers. Instead they conclude approvingly with :-

The Epos K1 is one seriously classy little speaker with genuine sonic integrity. It sports many of the virtues that endear us to the finer, pricier two-way compacts, while minimizing the common shortcomings in its “blue plate special” price category. A hugely satisfying effort from Epos.

You can read the full TAS EPOS K1 speaker review via the first link below.

HiFi Enthusiast has more on the Epos K1 and its bigger brothers the K2 and K3 via the second:-

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