Review of the Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by

Review - Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom

Review of the Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by
R listen to the Devialet Phantom Wireless speaker at CES and note - the speaker, no bigger than a basketball, was cranking out tunes with a 750-watt power source, and it sounded fantastic. Overall they’re quite floored by the Devialet Phantom although as they note it’s hard to floor them in this reviewing game, finally concluding :-

At the end of the day, all this technobabble means one thing: These are some of the best-designed speakers known to man—for the time being, anyway.

You can read Reviewed.coms full Devialet Phantom at CES review via the first of the two links below and see what you make of an experienced reviewer being floored.

More up from floor, we at HiFi Enthusiast have more info on the Devialet Phantom Speaker and other products from Devialet, via the second link :-

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