Review of the Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by DAR

Review - Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom

Review of the Devialet Phantom - Wireless Streaming Speaker by DAR
A show report on the Devialet Phantom Speaker which costs £1,390 for the 750 Watt model, and £1,690 for the 3,000 Watt model by DAR. DAR include photos where you can see just how football sized the Devialet Phantom is. The Devialet Phantom contains the same amplification as found in the 120/200 but Devialet have managed to miniaturise the ADH circuitry down to a chip measuring just 1cm by 1cm. DAR admits to being no fan of big amp big speaker HiFi system, so the Devialet Phantom is right up their street. Admitting that their sound quality observations are just from hearing the Devialet Phantom at a show (CES 2015) and not from a full on review, they conclude :-

I’d describe the Devialet Phantom’s sound as physical and arresting. It demands your attention and cannot be ignored. It might not to be everyone’s tastes. What is? The Phantom probably isn’t for those who enjoy a pipe and slippers presentation.

You can read the full DAR - Devialet Phantom review from CES 2015 via the first of the two buttons below.

HiFi Enthusiast has more details about the Devialet Phantom and other Devialet products via the second button below :-

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