Review of the Devialet Ensemble - Complete Devialet / Atohm HiFi System by ToneAudio

Review - Devialet Ensemble

Devialet Ensemble

Review of the Devialet Ensemble - Complete Devialet / Atohm HiFi System by ToneAudio
T he £6,200 Devialet Ensemble system is an entry level Devialet 120 coupled with a pair of bookshelf speakers from Atohm. There's more than just coupling going on here, as the Devialet ensemble uses Devialet’s SAM or Speaker Activity Matching to match the Devialet 120s bass output to the bass response of the Atohm GT1 speakers. ToneAudio review the Devialet Ensemble System and conclude :-

Whether you are a maniacal audiophile or just a music lover wanting a turnkey system, Devialet’s Ensemble is as close to plug and play as it comes. It makes no sonic compromises, even with some of the world’s finest speakers. And upgrades are as easy as visiting the Devialet website. Upgrade the firmware and go, making Devialet a sound long-term investment. If it were a car, the Devialet would be a Porsche Boxster S—not quite a 911 GT3, Ferrari or Aston, but so damn close that you won’t want to bother coming up with all that extra cash. One listen is all it takes to see why the Devialet Ensemble system is, by far, our favourite system going—and the component I’ve chosen for my home audio system.

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