Review of the Devialet 250 - Integrated amp and Streamer by HiFi+

Review - Devialet 250

Devialet 250

Review of the Devialet 250 - Integrated amp and Streamer by HiFi+
T he Devialet 250 is the largest of the single box Devialet Integrated amp and Wireless streamers. HiFi Plus reviews the Devialet 250 which at £11,500 offers 250 Watts per channel and conclude :-

The fascinating thing about the Devialet 250 is, perhaps more than ever, it has become a mirror reflecting the demands of its owner. There are those who view it as an excuse for endless cable swaps, ‘config’ adjustments, even arguing about the sound of the amplifier with and without the back of its loudspeaker terminals. There are others who view their Devialets in much the same way they do digital cameras, rushing to perform every firmware update ‘just because’, which gives them an excuse to tinker with the system while not engaging in the endless rounds of hardware tweaking. And there are those who have blithely plugged the Devialet into their system and enjoy it without the need for audiophilia nervosa. It’s all good!

They also note that the Devialet 250 offers massive amounts of detail and as such might not be for everyone.

You can read HiFi+'s complete Devialet 250 review via the first yellow button below :-

There's more from HiFi Enthusiast on the latest from Devialet including the Devialet 250 , the Dual mono designs of the Devialet 400 and 800 and the new Multiroom speaker the Devialet Phantom - via the second :-

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