Review of the Cyrus Streamline2 Streamer by Canada Hi-Fi

Review - Cyrus Streamline2

Cyrus Streamline2

Review of the Cyrus Streamline2 Streamer by Canada Hi-Fi
C anada Hi-Fi conduct a review of the £1,210 Cyrus Streamline2 Streamer. The Streamline2 from Cyrus includes amplification. just add speakers and a digital source. Canada Hi-Fi have a good run down on features of the Cyrus Streamline2, and moving onto Sound Quality conclude :-

So we are down to the small question of sound quality. I found this to be an interesting system to listen to. On the one hand the amplifier has balls – it had no problem driving the demanding Totems. Bass was clean and powerful, and the treble was detailed and extended, with vanishingly low distortion. The image was not particularly wide or deep, but it was stable. There was a rather bright balance to the sound, especially when compared to the warmer tone of the UnitiQute which always sounds a little more relaxed.

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