Review of the Auralic Merak - Monoblock power amp by 6 moons

Review - Auralic Merak

Auralic Merak

Review of the Auralic Merak - Monoblock power amp by 6 moons
A favourable review and blue moon award of the £2090 each or £4180 for a pair Auralic Merak - Monoblock power amp, from across the pond, by 6 moons. They conclude :-

"Conclusion. Street-legal muscle car with sedan comforts, brilliant handling, winning speed and zero noise emissions all for a Honda sticker. It's basic but fitting. In audiophile lingo it's modern high-resolution sound with just the right underpinnings of analogue vintage virtues. Considering the two high-performance competitors covered above, my nod for ultimate value & performance falls on today's AURALiC Merak. Of higher fidelity than the ICEpower integrated, not quite as brilliant but uncomfortably close to the Ncore equivalents which sell for nearly twice the coin, the $5.000/pr Meraks have simply nailed that most attractive balance of them all...(Price vs sound quality)"

Read the full review of the Auralic Merak - Monoblock power amp via the first link below and get more info on the latest Auralic products including the Auralic Merak - Monoblock power amp from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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