Review of the Auralic Aries Streamer by Parttimeaudiophile

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

Review of the Auralic Aries Streamer by Parttimeaudiophile
A features and initial listen review, from across the pond, of the £999 Auralic Aries streamer by Parttimeaudiophile. (N.B. Auralic Aries comes in two flavours the Auralic Aries LE at £999 and Auralic Aries at £1499. From the dollar price it looks like it was the LE model being listened to here.) They conclude :-

"Mr. Wang of Auralic gave me a small demonstration which lasted only a few minutes. ARIES is so simple to use that made me wonder why nobody else has a DSD wifi streamer on the market. We listened to a track from “Audiophile Jazz Prologue III” (24/96) selected directly from the iPad and the ARIES worked flawlessly. SRP of $999 seems like a bargain to me."

Read the full review of the Auralic Aries Streamer via the first link below. Get more info on the latest Auralic products including the, Auralic Aries Streamer, from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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