Review of the Auralic Aries - Digital media bridge by Audiostream

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

Review of the Auralic Aries - Digital media bridge by Audiostream
A very comprehensive review of the £1,500 - Auralic Aries Digital Media Bridge by Audiostream. As Audiostream point out

■ The Auralic Aries is just a digital media bridge so should just pass digital music signals unmolested to your DAC ( The Auralic Aries has no internal DAC)

■ In doing the above, it should impart no characteristics of its own on the music. As they say few laptops / streamers / digital media bridges currently manage this for whatever reason !

They go on to conclude that :-

"In terms of sound quality, I found the Aries to better my MacBook Pro in terms of apparent noise floor, dynamics, and resolution. Add in the ability to stream up to double rate DSD via WiFi seamlessly and you've got yourself one compelling package. "

There's also a good comparison of the Auralic Aries vs a Mac Mini and other competitive media bridges such as the Aurender X100L (double the price though).

Read what Audiostream make of the Auralic Aries via the first link below.

Get more info on the latest Auralic products , from Us at HiFi enthusiast , via the second link below :-

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