Review Samsung R7 360 Wireless Speaker By AVForums

Review - Samsung R7

Samsung R7

Review Samsung R7 360 Wireless Speaker By AVForums
D oes Samsung's new R7 360 wireless speaker justify its billing? - AV Forums has given its verdict. The R7 360's price at the time of the review was £499.00. The R7 360 gets 9 out of 10 from the respected reviewer.

Strong points for the R7 360 were: Excellent sound quality - No sweet spot - Effective multiroom app - Easy to setup and control - Flexible installation. Key weaknesses were seen as: Slightly lacking in bass - More expensive than competition. AV Forums summarises the R7 360 as "If you like the idea of an omni-directional speaker then the answer is probably yes. The appeal of the Samsung R7 is very much dependent on how you intend to use it but if you plan on listening to music whilst doing other things then the R7's 360 degree sound field is the answer. The fact that it manages to achieve this effect whilst still delivering a great sound is even better.".

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