Review Of The soundMagic E10C - In-Ear Headphones By What Hi-Fi

Review - soundMagic E10C

soundMagic E10C

Review Of The soundMagic E10C - In-Ear Headphones By What Hi-Fi
A re soundMAGIC's new E10 in-ear headphones the E10C worth shelling out for? - What Hi-Fi has given its verdict. The E10C's review price was £40. The E10C gets 5 stars from the respected reviewer.

■ Positive points were: Unique universal remote - Streamline design - Clear, entertaining and detailed sound.

The main negatives are simply : Nada, zilch, zip - (Guess they like them then !).

In summary, What Hi-Fi says "C for compatibility'? More like consistency'. For five years, Soundmagic's E10s in some form or another have been our go-to budget headphones, and although sound quality hasn't taken a leap forward this time, it's still remarkable that Soundmagic finds ways to implement improvements without bumping up the price. How could the next version possibly be better? Well, we said that about the last pair.".

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