Review Of The Rega RX1 Speakers By AVForums

Review - Rega RX Speaker Range

Rega RX Speaker Range

Review Of The Rega RX1 Speakers By AVForums
A V Forums gives the Rega RX1 from Rega the once over in a new review. The Rega RX1's price at the time of the review was £798.00.

AVForums score the RX1 out of 10 for features such as build quality, sound quality, ease of use etc. It's mostly 8s for the RX1 with a 9 for sound quality which they delve further into in the conclusion.

In summary, AV Forums says "Coming in as it does at a princely two pounds less than the KEF LS50, there is an inevitability that some comparisons will be drawn between the two. The KEF is a striking technical showcase that delivers a sensational performance married to striking aesthetics. The Rega by contrast, aside from that rather clever and effective tweeter is a more conventional offering. Technophiles will probably want to head towards the LS50.

The Rega however delivers a level of musical engagement that often the more matter-of-fact KEF can struggle to rival. This is a speaker that needs very little power to deliver a sound that is simply joyous to listen to for long periods of time. It is unfussy about proximity to walls and so long as a modicum of care is put into its placement, it delivers a musical message that is consistently and fantastically enjoyable. The RX1 is clearly a Rega product and one that has been designed with the company's ethos writ large in mind but that doesn't stop it being a seriously accomplished option for other systems.".


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