Review Of The KEF M500 Headphones By Faded and Blurred

Review - Kef M500

Kef M500

Review Of The KEF M500 Headphones By Faded and Blurred
A review of the M.S.R.P.£249 KEF M500 Headphones by US reviewer Faded And Blurred. They see the positive points offered by the KEF M500 headphones as The rich and detailed sound, smooth frequency response, fantastic design and of course the comfort. They a few quibbles regarding the KEF M500 headphones in terms of cost and sound staging. Their conclusion though for the KEF M500 Headphones is :-

Coming from a pair of stock Apple earbuds, the KEF M500s are a revelation – literally everything sounds brand new, from podcasts and audiobooks to any type of music played through them. I was a bit apprehensive at first about the price, but after spending a week or so listening to them, I’m convinced that they are worth every penny. For $299 retail, you’re getting impeccable styling, materials and attention to detail, all-day comfort, portability and, most importantly, clean, smooth response and a refined sound quality that rivals or even exceeds more expensive solutions.

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